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Molykote Lubricants for the Sponge Iron Industry

Slip Seal Mechanisms

Slip Seal Mechanisms in Sponge Iron Plants are lubricated with high performance Molykote Greases designed to withstand high temperatures, good pumpability and provide desired sealing effect.

Molykote G-0103 designed for slip seal application has a high drop point, with high base oil viscosity to provide lubricity and sealing effect, and is easily pumped through centralized systems.

Low grease consumption, better wear protection of slip seal segments, and environmental friendly thickeners are some of the key benefits.

Pre-treatment is recommended on slip seal segments with Molykote P-74 Paste prior to installation.

Motor Bearings

Motor Bearings are lubricated with high temperature and shear resistant polyurea greases from Molykote.

Molykote G-0100 is a mineral grease with high temperature resistance designed for motors operating in continuous high temperatures. The grease provides long-term lubrication and avoids costly downtime due to bearing failures.

Support Roller Bearings

Support Roller Bearings are best lubricated with very high viscosity greases designed to provide a separating film. A viscosity of 1000 cst is recommended for this application.

Molykote Heavy Duty Grease with a viscosity of 1110cst is designed for a high load carrying capacity and has excellent impact resistance and oxidation stability. The product contains solid lubricants and extreme pressure additives.

Girth Gears

From the priming, running-in and service lubricants, to provide complete technical services during installation and commissioning, Molykote Lubrication Program fro girth gears are designed to extend your equipment life.

Molykote Girth Gear Lubricants are designed with premium additives to provide high performance, better load handling characteristics and a separating film under some extremely difficult conditions.

MolykoteQ3-4613 Priming Paste is a paste with highly refined mineral oils with a high concentration of solid lubricants. Thanks to its special formulation, it creates on the metallic surfaces a solid lubricant film, avoiding seizing and enabling easy settlement during running-in.

Molykote KGP-2P/E Running-in grease is specially developed for the running-in of new gears or for repair of their damaged surfaces (severe wear and/or other problems like pitting, scoring and spalling). Unlike many other running-in products, Molykote KGP-2P/E does not contain abrasive particles but contain solid lubricants and chemical action additives which provide excellent lubricating characteristics for running-in or repair of gears. The grease is sprayable and can be pumped in centralized lubrication systems.

Molykote KGP-2/P is the sprayable service grease with a base oil viscosity of 1000 cst containing an optimum blend of solid lubricants with a purity of 99.5 to 99.9 percentage. Formulated with highly refined mineral oils and complex aluminium thickeners, the product contains solid lubricants and chemical reaction additives that provide a separating film under the highest stresses. The product is free of lead, heavy metals, asphalt (bitumen) and other products detrimental to the environment.

For dip lubrication of smaller capacity kilns found in the sponge iron industry, Molykote Longterm 00 is recommended. Molykote Longterm 00 is a NLGI 00 consistency grease with an optimum blend of solid lubricants and high base oil viscosity designed to form a continuous separating film and high adherence on gear surfaces.

Impactors, Crushers and Screens

Molykote has some of the industry’s best known greases for bearings subjected to heavy impact and shock loads, and that must work in dusty environments under some extremely challenging conditions.

Coal Impactors, Iron Jaw Crushers, Vibratory Screens and Conveyor End Rollers are some of the other applications areas for Molykote in a sponge-iron industry.

Molykote Longterm 2+ Grease with its unusual adhesive and sealing properties, together with its outstanding ability to prevent corrosion and fretting, allows reliable operation of equipments in such conditions as high impact loads, dust, humidity and flowing water.

Molykote Long-term 2+ is an extreme pressure grease designed for the highest bearing loads and long-term lubrication, with a unique blend of high viscosity base oils, extreme pressure additives, Mos2 and other solid lubricants. The product helps extend relubrication intervals, increase reliability of operations, prevents costly bearing failures and minimize downtime

Assembly and Disassembly Applications

Molykote GN+ Paste prevents fretting and allows easy assembly without scuffing and scoring, and enables easy disassembly of press-fitted parts in the sponge iron industry.

Molykote 1000 Paste allows non-destructive dismantling of threaded connections, nuts and bolts used in high temperature zones.

Moly Penelube and Penelube penetrating oils containing an optimum blend of solid lubricants allow easy disassembly of rusted and seized components during repairs and overhauls.

No matter, you are looking for a good quality lubricant, or technical expertise to help solve some of your lubrication problems in the sponge iron industry, talk to the team at Dow Corning. With the most extensive range of special lubricants for the sponge iron industry, from greases to mineral oils, from semi-synthetics to synthetic fluids, Molykote has it all.

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